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Television Everywhere

Make the most of your advertising by reaching audiences anywhere they watch. Capture cable subscribers, cord stackers, and cord nevers with one campaign. Whether they are streaming on an app or on TV, you can connect with consumers across different devices with some of the same networks you know and love from traditional TV advertising. Consumers are stacking new streaming services more than ever. It’s no longer traditional television OR streaming, it’s “AND.” No matter where you audience is viewing television content, Cox Media can help you get your message in front of them.

Reach today's TV audiences no matter how they're watching

Cable Subscribers
Viewers with a paid subscription to a cable television provider

Cord Stackers
Viewers who subscribe to both cable television and one or more streaming services

Cord Cutters
Viewers that have canceled a cable television subscription in favor of an alternative internet-based streaming service

Cord Nevers
Viewers who have never subscribed to a cable television service

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